I finally did it!!!

Have you ever wanted to try something new in your life? Something daring, out of your predefined skillset that`s dictated by our rigid school system or even getting more personal here, have you ever dared to chase a goal that you very well knew that it could change a lot about you? If at all you once fell in the above categories and hesitated to bring your desires to life for some time, welcome to my world! Here is my condensed narrative of events that culminated into the creation of this site.

Ever since my juniors and O`levels, I was this student who always excelled in the English language (other languages equally the same!!) – writing compositions to be exact. Oh! How I loved narrating those compositions and making sure that I would tease my teacher who had to mark my script with an open dictionary just to be sure that I wasn’t this English pundit making up words in the name of gaining more marks.

I must confess. Story writing gave me more chills down the spine as compared to writing those lavish letters to petite girls in class that I seldom found the guts to write to. Sadly, this passion of mine was brought into a halt when I got to my A ‘levels only to learn that I had to major in sciences hence I couldn’t compose any more stories.

For over six years since then, I kept predicting that this passion would die out just as many of them that come and go as we go through this `self-discovery` phase but Alas! Every time I read a piece of poetry, a composition or even a song with nice lyrics, I felt the same old desire reignite the wavering desire. And after many incidences of postponing which I’ll talk about later, I finally decided to take a leap of faith and start this journey. I have no idea how it will go but am in for the ride. 🙂